Website Design

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Wireframing and RAPID PROTOTYPING enable us to quickly illustrate the workflow of the major functionalities of an application. Wireframing is done using tools like Balsamic or Invision App or sometimes just using a pen and a paper. DESIGN THINKING is heavily involved as we then ask a select group of end users and stakeholders for their feedback on the wireframes. We change the prototypes based on their feedback and ask them again until the wireframes meet their requirements and expectations. This stage helps figure out a lot of caveats in the requirements and application design early on in the application development life cycle which if realised later, could lead to a lot of rework and unreachable deadlines.


UI Design

This stage involves creating a PSD representation of the user interface using the actual logo, brand colors and UI components and elements that relate to the the theme of the business. DESIGN THINKING is involved in this stage too as once the draft is complete, we go back to the select group of end users and stakeholders, gather their feedback and modify the PSDs and repeat the process until the PSDs meet their expectations and requirements.


UI Prototyping

This stage involves either converting the PSDs into an HTML and CSS representation or using prototyping tools to allow the stakeholders and end users to interact with the application and get a feel of the User Experience. Again, DESIGN THINKING allows us to perform modifications according to their feedback and eventually finalize the UX. Converting the PSDs to HTML/CSS at this stage allows us to finish off a large portion of the Front-End design and development stage sometimes earlier or maybe in paralell with the backend development stage thus saving valuable time.