What we work with


Everyday, more and more people are searching for products and services online. With the growing popularity of e-commerce, selling products and services online helps your business reach a wider audience. A well designed website with robust functionality and rich user interface can give your website or online store the edge you need over your competition.

At Codesphere Solutions, we make use of the latest features offered by various open source web development technologies. Proprietary web development technologies and softwares are expensive which in turn means increased project development costs whereas open source technologies and softwares are free of cost which in turn means lower project development costs.

We have more than 5+ years experience in developing web applications using the following technologies


The most widely used and our preferred server side scripting language.


An MVC based framework in PHP packed with features.


A Content Management System based on PHP


A server side scripting language by Adobe built using Java.


An Open Source Database Management System.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft’s proprietary Database Management System.


New features added in the latest versions of HTML5 and CSS3 have made these technologies even more useful and powerful.


The Javascript library which enables you to do more with less code.

Twitter Bootstrap

A powerful Javascript framework packed with features for making your site responsive.

Angular JS

A framework which extends and adds interactivity to HTML.

Some of the other technologies, services and softwares we use like subversion, project management tools, etc. are mentioned below.

Collabnet SVN

A free means to version code along with Tortoise SVN as a versioning client.


A paid alternative to managing code between teams.


A paid project management alternative where team members can maintain messages, todos, notes, etc.

Codesphere Solutions Project Portal

We have our very own free alternative to a project management portal where our clients and our team can send messages, create tasks or todos, keep a track of invoices, etc.